UN Pulls Out as War Drums Beat in Syria


asadThe situation along Israel’s border with Syria is becoming increasingly serious and worrisome. In the latest development, following last week’s kidnapping of UN peacekeepers along the border and reports of al-Qaeda taking up position, the United Nations has announced the cessation of peacekeeping patrols in that area.

UN officials admit they fear additional attempts to abduct or harm members of the international unarmed peacekeeping force patrolling the Golan Heights area. The UN has given the order for troops and diplomatic officials to leave the area as it appears the civil war in Syria has stepped up to a new level of violence.

Israel continues to carefully monitor the situation with concern while the IDF maintains a fortified troop presence along the northern border. Concerns include the possibility of refugees fleeing the fighting trying to cross into Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)