40 Day Consecutive Prayer at Meron


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All of Am Yisrael will be at Meron on Lag Ba’omer, but for you, Lag Ba’omer will be on an entirely different plane. Your connection to Rabi Shimon will be deeper than that of everyone else, because your name will be mentioned at his grave for the next forty days! You will be completing an awesome, lofty sequence of prayers, a sequence that will open the heavens.

As it is written in the holy Zohar: “One who prays for something for forty days is surely answered.”

Rabi Shimon himself gave us the segulah of davening for forty days – so where is it more fitting to conduct a 40-consecutive-day prayer campaign than at his grave? We are all aware of the power of forty days of tefillah, and you are about to concentrate this power in the most auspicious place for a miracle: the tziyun of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai.

On LagBa’omer, a messenger sent by Kupat Ha’ir will begin a 40-consecutive day prayer at Meron. He will not be going there for himself and his family, but as a shalich tzibbur. For forty days, beginning on Lag Ba’omer, when the tzaddik’s spiritual powers are stronger than ever – he will pray at the tziyun.

Beginning on Lag Ba’omer, a messenger will make his way to the graves of Rabi Shimon and Rabi Elazar, and pour his heart out in prayer. He will pray for you, for whatever is difficult and causing you pain. He will be there again the following day, and the day after that. You’ll be preparing for Shavuos and he will daven on your behalf. Day after day, without letup, for thirty-nine days, he’ll repeat the same request, crying and pleading that your sighs be turned into joy.

And then, on the fortieth day, the heavens will open with a practically audible creak and thousands upon thousands of yeshuos will come pouring down upon the heads of precious Jews. Thousands of miracles and chassadim, an abundance of siyata dishmaya. Lag Ba’omer is sooner than you think. Do it now, so you won’t forget. Pick up the phone and sign up.  Come, let us ascend to Meron and cry out to Hashem for forty consecutive days. The time has come to merit “is surely answered.”

Messengers of Kupat Ha’ir will pray on behalf of contributors

for 40 consecutive days at the tziyun of Rabi Shimon bar Yochai

Messengers of Kupat Ha’ir will mention each name in detail, along with its accompanying request, for 40 consecutive days, including Shavuos./The tefillah campaign will begin on the eve of Lag Ba’omer at the exalted hadlakah event on the roof of the holy tziyun.

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  1. I dont know why everyone thinks that the Zohar was written by Reb Shimon. It was actually written in the times of Rashi.
    1) The Zohar mentions the fact that the moon doesn’t have its own light, its only a reflection of the sun; this was not known in the time of Chazal. It also alludes to, ‘various time zones’, which was not known.
    2) The Zohar writes that, ‘in todays days we no longer have a Bas Kol’; yet, in the time of the Gemoro, there was.
    3) The Zohar recounts the Seder Hatkious of Rosh Hashono, which was M’Sakin by Reb Avihou much later.