NYers Asked To Cut Energy Use As Heat Taxes Grid


powerNew Yorkers are being asked to reduce electricity use as this week’s heat wave is driving near record demand for power.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says people should cut back as much as possible to take pressure off the state’s power grid and help prevent outages or brownouts.

He says Thursday that experts monitoring the grid expect demand to hit record levels.

Consumers are being asked to set air conditioner thermostats no lower than 78 degrees and to turn off air conditioning when spaces aren’t occupied. They’re also urged to turn off any unnecessary lights and use appliances only in early morning or late at night when overall demand is generally lower.

State health officials continue to warn people about taking care to stay hydrated, eat light and avoid strenuous activity.



  1. “Consumers are being asked to set air conditioner thermostats no lower than 78 degrees”

    This is totaly absurd! When Bl$$mberg & Con Edison set their AC on 78, then we’ll talk! You can pass out at that temp!

  2. Let them bleed to death this time. I’m not turning down my ac. This has been going on every year for as long as I can remember and they have still not upgraded their grid to ensure our power needs.

    Talking about bloody, he will run on generator power and it won’t tickle him the tiniest bit. He’s part of the hypocritical elite. He would also show up to the global warming summit with a private plane which produces as much emissions as a small town and tell the town to turn off their machines which produce emissions.