Pols To Bloomberg: Hear From Public On NYPD Measures


bloSome New York City lawmakers are urging Mayor Michael Bloomberg to give the public a chance to talk to him before his expected veto of measures that would create new checks on the Police Department.

Councilmen Brad Lander, Jumaane Williams and four colleagues made the request in a letter Thursday.

Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna says Bloomberg doesn’t plan to do so.

The measures would create an inspector general for police and make it easier to bring suits claiming discriminatory policing.

Proponents say the legislation would make officers more accountable. Bloomberg says it would hamstring policing.

Generally, the mayor signs bills at ceremonies that include an opportunity for public comment. Occasionally, he has held off signing a bill after hearing the comments.

Vetoes sometimes are issued simply with written messages.



  1. Lord Mike doesn’t have to answer to anyone! He is the Supreme ruler!
    What one does have to question, is, how did the dirtbags in the City Council led by Mayoral candidate Ms. Quinn (with the help of 1 of “unsera”), overturn the will of the people and throw out TERM LIMITS allowing this tyrant to remain in his position as Dictator?! Remember, Bl$$mberg’s harshest decrees came in his illegitimate 3rd “term”!