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A child on his way to cheder today faces more challenges during his 10-minute ride than a yungerman faced in his entire lifetime only 50 years ago. Today, adults and children alike face challenges that never existed before. The secular world has become more hedonistic, the seeming pleasures not only more enticing but also more accessible. The outside world is enticing. Cunning. Pervasive.


While modern challenges intensify exponentially, the level of emotional and spiritual intelligence has undergone a dramatic decline. Women are bewildered. Searching for growth and spirituality, struggling with time management, low self-esteem, loneliness, shalom bayis or ben adam l’chaveiro concerns, even people who attended the best schools often find themselves ill equipped to handle these complex issues.


How can you infuse your daily life with meaning and vitality and joy when it seems like an endless grind? How can you maintain your self-esteem when three out of your seven kids have ADHD or your mother-in-law has borderline personality disorder or when you’re just plain feeling burned out?


Rabbi Aryeh Nivin’s Personal Development Chabura is a virtual community of women who embark on a spiritual journey toward finding one’s individual purpose in life. They gain practical tools to learn a path toward true happiness and fulfillment. Week by week, they learn how to keep their eye on the goal, how to make it come alive, and how to keep implementing it.


The Chabura is based on classic Torah works. With approximately 500 women participating in various groups, members meet for an hour a week via conference call. The curriculum explores the purpose of life—your life. The practical tools help you better understand yourself and enable you to grow as you overcome challenges.


In Elul you prepare a year plan. Questions like “What is my life’s purpose? What are my goals?” are addressed. The answers serve as your guide throughout the year. Week by week, you learn how to stay conscious of your plan,  how to make it come alive; and you continually check that it’s authentic and represents the real you. You learn how to find an appropriate mentor, rav, rebbetzin, or confidant. You learn how to enjoy life, how to live without endlessly complaining.


You can join a Chabura for three months without a long-term commitment. By re-enrolling, you become more and more a part of a virtual community that grows closer while the material becomes more sophisticated. If you miss a live call, you can listen to the recorded class. Plus, there’s an online info center that allows you to listen to past Chaburas and view class notes.


During the three-month initiation in Elul, you will uncover your main personality flaw and learn how to go about rectifying it, and how to identify your life purpose. You will create an individualized long-term plan for steady growth. When you see the impact the Chabura has on your life, you can sign on for another three months.


Whether you’re dealing with typical modern-day issues or more specific challenges, whether you’re searching for self-esteem and meaning or struggling with time management or ben adam l’chaveiro issues, the Chabura is a formalized, systematic approach to achieving fulfillment.


Sarah Yocheved Rigler, renowned author and speaker, explains how the Chabura gave her focus and helped her actualize her potential. “I’ve been in Rabbi Ayreh Nivin’s Chabura for a year and a quarter so far, and I love it. He has taken personal growth and Torah and practical methods and put them all together in a way that is easy to understand and easy to implement… He starts out with helping us to define our life’s purpose. This was such a breakthrough for me… By using his wonderful methods I really feel myself moving forward toward these two luminous goals, vitality and transcendence. I recommend the Chabura highly for any Jewish woman who wants to get there.”




Two new chabura groups for women are starting in less than a week (Aug 5th and Aug 6th)! Hurry and register now for the 3-Class No-Obligation Trial and for a limited time receive a bonus 3 CD Series, “The Jewish Woman’s Introductory Guide to Achieving Vitality” for $1.  For more information go to, call (646) 863-4123 from the US or (02) 580-6406 from Israel, or email




If you’re traveling this summer, there will be a special review session after the Yomim Tovim so that you can make up any missed classes.