Alex Rodriguez Suspended from Baseball Through 2014


arodAlex Rodriguez was suspended through 2014 and All-Stars Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta and Everth Cabrera were banned 50 games apiece Monday when Major League Baseball disciplined 13 players in a drug case — the most sweeping punishment since the Black Sox scandal nearly a century ago.

Ryan Braun’s 65-game suspension last month and previous punishments bring to 18 the total number of players disciplined for their relationship to Biogenesis of America, a closed anti-aging clinic in Florida accused of distributing banned performing-enhancing drugs.

The harshest penalty was reserved for Rodriguez, a three-time Most Valuable Player and baseball’s highest-paid star. His suspension covers 211 games, starting Thursday, and he is expected to appeal.

The New York Yankees slugger admitted four years ago that he used performance-enhancing drugs while with Texas from 2001-03 but has repeatedly denied using them since.

Rodriguez was suspended under both the drug agreement and labor contract.

MLB said the drug penalty was for “his use and possession of numerous forms of prohibited performance-enhancing substances, including testosterone and human growth hormone over the course of multiple years.”

His penalty under the labor contract was “for attempting to cover up his violations of the program by engaging in a course of conduct intended to obstruct and frustrate the office of the commissioner’s investigation.”

Rodriguez has until Thursday to appeal, and if he does so, he will remain eligible to play until a decision by the arbitrator.

“Those players who have violated the program have created scrutiny for the vast majority of our players, who play the game the right way,” baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said. “We continue to attack this issue on every front — from science and research, to education and awareness, to fact-finding and investigative skills.”



  1. The Yankees are rejoicing. He’s ready to retire in any event. They don’t have to pay him, can probably dissolve the ridiculous contact they signed with him, and can call up a better player. I wouldn’t be shocked if they were behind the investigation.

  2. Somebody tell me what this has to do with the “YESHIVA” world ??? Please someone enlighten me … How does this belong on YWN???

  3. Yes, yes yes very important for the Yeshivish community. Now when we go to the games we know that we are rooting for a drug user. Oy, this is terrible and a sad day for the entire yeshiva community.
    Moderator-please continue to supply updates to this story and please set up a fantasy football league as Yeshiva people like to do that also

  4. The point of YWN is not only to report things that are going on in the “Yeshiva” world, but it’s also to report on current events and other interests so that frum yidden don’t have to go to more inappropriate sites to get their news. For this reason, I think YWN should have more sports, so that those who follow sports can follow it on a kosher web site.

  5. the reason why this has to do with the YESHIVA world, is to notify us the אימת הדין that we have to be aware of, now that Elul is upon us

  6. How can the Yankees be rejoicing? A suspension means he can appeal, and play during the appeal process. If he magically gets hurt before the appeal is ruled on, doesn’t he get paid in full? My understanding was that a lifetime ban would be more beneficial to the Yankees, and either way he won’t play again after next year….

  7. #5- I learned something new about Akuperma today too. He will comment on baseball in addition to criticizing Israel. Anything to avoid spending (at least) a few minutes learning the Torah he preaches about so vociferously.

  8. Regarding the criticism of YWN posted here: I think YWN itself is a positive thing. It brings news in a better (not perfect) environment. My only issue with YWN is the Coffee Room which has become an arena of irresponsible kanoim attacking anyone with whom they disagree in the most vicious ways. For example, someone who is a right-wing chareidi yet shows a little hakoras hatov to the soldiers of the IDF is labeled a zionist-communist-nazi or whatever. Reading the news and commenting occasionally, is fine. But the CR is definitely not for Elul.

  9. I’m waiting for the ACLjew to file a complaint against MLB. Did you see the list of players suspended? All except one are hispanic. This is obvious racial profiling by a jewish commissioner!