Joe Lhota Visits Williamsburg Stores Sued For Posting Modesty Dress-code Rules

(Monday, October 7th, 2013)

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[VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] Republican Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota stopped in Williamsburg, Monday night, without notifying the press, to visit the shops that are being sued by the City’s Human Rights Commission for posting a dress code sign for the store advising shoppers “No Shorts, No Barefoot, No Sleeveless, No Low Cut Neckline”.

“I am supporting you,” Mr. Lhota told the owners of Gestetner Printing on Lee Avenue. “I want to make sure that you’re treated properly. It is very important.”

“Thank you very much for taking interest in us,” the store owner responded.

“I wish you peace and always business,” Mr. Lhota blessed the store owner, before stopping by the nearby Greenfield take-out and delicatessen.

“Joe deserves a ‘Lhota’ respect and credit for coming out to these shops to show support and help them financially by shopping as well,” Isaac Abraham, a Williamsburg Community leader, told YWN.

“What’s more puzzling and shocking, that not a single City, State or Federal elected official or the various candidates running for citywide office, came to the support or shop at the stores being sued – only Joe Lhota,” he said.


The trial will consist of a two-day hearing in administrative court in January, officials said.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. GeshmakMan says:

    How come they don’t sue Dunkin Donuts? They have a sign that reads “No shoes, No Shirt, No Service”

    Not sure why anyone hasn’t picked up on this yet!

  2. Step Aside says:

    Joe has my vote and so many others. Hes a wonderful person!

  3. Mottel1 says:

    YES…No Question…He deserves our support. ALSO, as it gets closer to the election, the polls will be much tighter.

    BUT, most frum people do not go out and vote.

    Only one candidate in this election, Joe Lhota, has any true respect for our lifestyle ans sensibilities (note he did not inform the press. De Blasio has no respect for us and openly espouses things that we oppose.

  4. LhotaBloomberg2013 says:

    Lhota keep saying that he will continue the Bloomberg policies! Not voting for a Flip Flopper!!

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