Deri to Netanyahu on Yair’s Girlfriend: Oy, My Heart Aches


ynnShas leader MK Aryeh Deri on Monday morning 26 Shevat 5774 interviewed on Kol Berama Radio. He spoke about the Gross family of Givat Mordechai, their pain and unshakable emunah in HKBH. Deri explained that their actions following the petira of their two young daughters has set an example for all of Am Yisrael, and may non-frum residents of Israel have been impacted by the horrific events that changed this family forever.

Deri added that so many are being mispallel for the boys, who remain in a Schneider Children’s Hospital intensive care unit. He explained how the parents, Rav Shimie and Michal are in the ICU with their sons all day, and at night they sit shiva. He made a shiva visit on Sunday night, telling of the unimaginable emunah of family members and their simple request, for Am Yisrael to continue being mispallel for the family.

Deri added that we must continue tefilos, for in this case, while doctors are doing their utmost to support the frail bodies of the boys, there is no antidote and no quick fix that can bring them back to their health. The tzibur is urged to continue being mispallel for the boys, רפאל יצחק איזייק בן מיכל and his brother חיים מיכאל.

Despite trying to avoid entering into political matters Deri did respond to questions posed addressing reports that Yair Netanyahu, a 23-year-old son of the prime minister, who is dating a non-Jewish woman.

Deri explained that he always makes a point of distancing himself from one’s personal life, “but if these media reports are true chas v’sholom then this is no longer a personal matter since the prime minister is a head of state and a representative of the Jewish people.”

Deri stated “If chas v’sholom it is true than it is truly horrific. I know people spending millions and tens of millions annually to prevent assimilation abroad and then we hear a report like this.”

The Shas leader lamented the reports of the relationship, adding he is certain that the prime minister is not pleased, “for he too values a Jewish relationship”. He added the prime minister’s daughter and family live in Bayit Vegan, living a chareidi lifestyle, and the other son is shomer Shabbos, and he believes Mr. Netanyahu is not pleased with a son dating a non-Jew despite what some may believe.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. He is not a representative of the Jewish people,don’t fool yourself he is a גוי מומר להכעס he knows that there is הקב”הbut he wants to be aגוי so please stop with your none sence