PHOTOS: Hundreds Gather At Kosel For Rabbi Berland




An atzeres tefilla was held at the Kosel on Wednesday 12 Adar I 5774 at the behest of Rabbi Eliezer Berland. The tefilla event was held in response to the tragedies that have befallen Am Yisrael of late. Hundreds of participants in the atzeres tefilla traveled from around Eretz Yisrael to participate.

Mispallalim also davened that Rabbi Berland should be able to return home, as he requested they do so as well.

The rabbi fled Israel to avoid arrest and he can only reside in countries that do not have an extradition agreement with the State of Israel has he is alleged to have broken the law in Israel. He first fled to Morocco, and is reportedly in Zimbabwe at this time.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem: Photos: Aminadav Tzvieli)