HaGaon HaRav Ariel Shlita: This is How the Reform Movement Began


arielHaGaon HaRav Yaakov Ariel Shlita, a leading posek for the dati leumi community explained that “Our commitment to the IDF is based on the Torah, not a government decision. Those advocating women serving in the IDF, security is at heart”. The rav made his comments at a dati leumi education kenos in Ulpana Reut High School in Petach Tikvah. He relates to rabbonim who give a heter for women to enter the IDF as being “irresponsible” and feels they are influences by the media. “This is how the Reform Movement began” he warned.

Some 70 heads of educational institutions in the dati leumi community took part in panel discussions. Heading the event were Rabbis Ariel, Rabbi Chaim Druckman Shlita, Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Shlita, and Rabbi Eitan Eiseman Shlita, all expressing opposition to religious women serving in the IDF.

“With all our love for the IDF, we believe the army is not the place for women” explained Rabbi Chaim Druckman. “Not religious women specifically but all women. We must be honest. This is a simple fact.” Rabbi Ariel suggested establishing a ‘super’ Sheirut Leumi program for those young ladies who wish to do more and give more, to provide them a vehicle outside the IDF framework.

Rabbonim from תנועת נאמני תורה ועבודה commented on Rabbi Ariel’s remarks that this is how the Reform Movement began, stating there are always those who are wary of change but often, the fixation and lack of examination of the changing realities is what leads to a more dangerous situation. This is especially true regarding this issue, which they feel is primarily a matter of education and not halacha.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The problem with his logic is that the bulk of non-Palestinian Israelis are secular zionists who believe the whole idea of zionist, and the raison d’etre of the Medinah is to free the Jewish people from the”yoke” of Torah. It’s even in their anthem.

    The Dati Leumi believe they can co-opt the zionism movement and make it Jewish. They are doomed to failure. Some Jewish in 1933 though they could co-opt the Nazis (maybe they only object to Ostjuden – not us good Germans) – we now see them as fools. The Dati Leumi see the hatred of Torah of the secular zionists and feel they can co-opt them (maybe they only object to Hareidim – not us good Zionists). They too are fools, and all the more dangerous for it.

  2. Of course Rabbi Ariel is correct and those so-called rabbis advocating for women in the army are popular opinion and media-driven and are for all intents and purposes no different than the Reform.

    But truth be told the entire religion zionist enterprise is a result of media-driven reform that is the opposite of Torah Judaism.

  3. I am not a rabbi, but I don’t understand how they can love the IDF when that institution is totally anti Torah ? How does that fit with the Rambam they keep quoting?

    The Rambam talks about defending EY not an army who is anti Torah and defends Eretz yisroel when it fits their agenda and gives up eretz yisroel when it fits their agenda!

    Even when it fights it does it in away which is anti Torah, they put our soldiers in danger instead of bombing from the air because they don’t want the world to scream…. How many of out brothers died that way???

    IDF is not for any Jew, period!!!

  4. In my simple way of understanding the difference between us (Chareidi Poskim) and them(DL et al) is that Gedolei haPoskim start with the Torah, delve into the appropriate sugyos and determine a proper course to follow, even politically. They, on the otherhand, begin with a preconceived opinion politically and then find sources to boltser their psak. I remember many years ago when there was a big bruhaha over a mixed gender swimming pool in Yerushalayim, The DL rabbis found heterim and leciencies for it. Why? Because their followers wanted it.
    BTW Rav Chaim Brisker ZT”L and the his son, The Brisker Rav ZT”L both said unequivically that zionism’s goal is to eradicate Torah, learning Torah and observing Torah. Im lo neviim hem, bnei neviim hem.

  5. The comments here show why the Dati community is sitting on its hands and not doing anything to prevent the cuts to charedi yeshivot and the drafting of charedim into the army. Rav Ariel in particular is a Gedol who should have become Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel. But he is not being treated as such.