Fatal Shooting Incident at the Allenby Bridge Crossing


ywnisrael.israelAn Arab assailant was shot and killed by an IDF soldiers on Monday morning, 8 Adar II at the Allenby Bridge Crossing. According to the limited information available, the assailant tried to grab a weapon from a soldier stationed at the crossing between the Jordan Valley Road area of Israel and Jordan.

B’chasdei Hashem there are no injuries among Israeli security officials. The crossing area is closed at this time following the fatal shooting.
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The whole story sounds weird, and while it could be true, there seem many reasons to take it with a “grain of salt.”

    The attack was at a very public place with joint Arab-Israeli security forces, and no Israeli civilian presence. The “terrorist” was unarmed and the defenders all well armed. The “terrorist” was a respectiable Jordanian civil servant, whereas the typical suicide attackers are usually marginal people (i.e. “losers”) seeking some glory after miserable unproductive lives. Palestinian terrorists are more into blowing up pizza places or civilian buses, not doing a “suicide by cop” at a customs and immigration checkpoint.