VIDEOS: MK Zoabi Justifies Terrorist Kidnapping of Jewish Youths



While IDF soldiers, ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) agents and other forces are moser nefesh in the ongoing operation to locate the youths abducted by Hamas terrorists, Israel has yet to address the enemy from within. In this case we are dealing with MK (United Arab List) Hanin Zoabi, who was one of the passengers on board the Marvi Mamara, the terrorist flotilla that tried breaking the IDF naval embargo on Gaza. While there was an effort to file charges against her for her involvement, the Supreme Court prevented this from occurring.

Zoabi explains the abduction of the youths is a “last resort act” by the terrorists who are “frustrated by their plight”. In a painfully honest radio interview with Sharon Gal of Tel Aviv Radio, the Arab MK said the abductors of the three are not terrorists. The MK used her media coverage to also lash out against Mohammad Zoabi, the Arab Zionist whose videos she finds offensive. She called Mohammad sleazy and then passed disparaging remarks about his family.

“It is strange that people who are under occupation and live a high life ignore the reality that Israel kidnaps Palestinian Arabs and imprisons them daily” she stated. She stated “they aren’t terrorists and don’t have any other way of changing their reality” she exclaimed.

Gal expressed surprise over the MKs comments and questioned how she is not afraid to walk around considering her views.

Zoabi snapped back that if the interview does not continue she would hang up.

Zoabi made the same remarks during a Knesset Committee session headed by MK Dr. Aliza Lavie. She began shouting and screaming out of control as she delivered her pro-terrorist mantra.

Efforts to oust Zoabi from Knesset prior to the last election were thwarted after the Supreme Court overturned a decision by the Central Election Committee to oust her.

Remarks to Zoabi’s interview came fast and furious.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman:

She is a terrorist and should share their same fate.

Knesset Guard officials have placed a security detail on the Arab MK following the interview.

MK (Yesh Atid) Dr. Aliza Lavie, who chairs the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women:

“How do you dare say the captors are not terrorists”.

Zoabi retorted “Chutzpah! Shut your mouth. You don’t have the right to chair the committee. Are you a policewoman? You’re racist!”

MK (Likud) Miri Regev, who chairs the Knesset Interior Committee:

She is a traitor. Strip her of her parliamentary immunity and deport her to Gaza.

Minister of Sport (Likud) Limor Livnat:

I plan to speak to the attorney general about filing charges against her.

Housing Minister (Bayit Yehudi) Uri Ariel:

“Hanin Zoabi continues her consistent tradition to support terrorists, proving she is not suited to be a citizen of the State of Israel and certainly not a Member of Knesset. Zoabi is a prize for terrorism in the Knesset and reality is she would not be accepted in any democratic nation in the world.

MK (Bayit Yehudi) Moti Yogev via Facebook:

This time she crossed the line. This is harsh incitement. I plan to act towards housing her from Knesset. Her position shows she is closer to the terrorists and needs to be among them rather than in the Knesset.

A message to the terrorists from Mohammad Zoabi

Mohammad Zoabi Powerful message to the world & to all Anti Israelis

Interviewing Mohammad Zoabi – Describes Himself as an Israeli, Zionist. Arab, Muslim

Names for Tehillim:

1. Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah

2. Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim

3. Eyal ben Iris Tesurah

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Considering the taking civilians hostage is a war crime, the Israelis might be able to use that as a basis to take action against her. Her response is that the Israelis do the same thing by arresting people for political crimes – though international law does make a distinction.

  2. The Knesset idiots banned Meir Kahane as a racist. But arab MKs like these are okay???

    Of course, we know why arabs are allowed to be MKs. Because Israel fancies itself as a democracy. Which is stupid. As Meir Kahane correctly pointed out, “democracy and Judaism are not the same thing”.

  3. In Syria she’d have been killed by now because she is an “educated” woman (although IMO she’s a monster.) Yet in Israel she’s an MK. Unbelievable. I agree, strip her of immunity, arrest her & sling her in jail.

  4. make ministers in the government who support terrorism through word or deed suspend from KENNESISH and 10 year prison sentence

  5. When Porush chained himself to the podium he was suspended from knesset. But this subhuman is allowed to continue.
    For shame!
    And where are all the Lapid’s and Livni’s now? Silent!
    Only the left-wing trash haaretz, which is where it belongs, “in der erd”, is telling drum jews that they are fooling themselves with tehillim!
    Even Bibi was right when he called them subhuman.