Children Who are Ill are Mispallel for the IDF Soldiers


idftrDozens of children who are battling cancer R”L began to recite Tehillim on behalf of IDF soldiers operating in Gaza. They began reciting Tehillim prior to the ground forces incursion.

The children were made aware of the situation by Lev Malka volunteers working with them. Some of the children are admitted to oncology wards in hospital around the country while others are at home recuperating.

Lev Malka CEO Rav Aharon Aberman said “As we learn the tefilos of the children can penetrate the Shar Shomayim, especially the tefilos of those children undergoing yisurim for their emunah and bitachon is immeasurably stronger.

יהי רצון שהתפילות יתקבלו ולא ישמע שוד ושבר בגבולנו”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)