VIDEO: Oklahoma Legislator Uses the Phrase ‘Jew Me Down’ Live on Camera


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According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Jews compose 0.1 percent of Oklahoma’s population.

The Tulsa World stated that “neither the Oklahoma House nor the Senate has a Jewish member.”

Both of these facts help make some sense out of the video below in which Oklahoma lawmaker Dennis Johnson, the co-majority leader of the state house of representatives, casually uses the phrase “try to Jew me down” in a legislative debate.

About twenty seconds later someone kindly informed him that he just used the the term “Jew me down” — in public, in front of cameras, as opposed to in private, where one can assume he uses it all the time. Johnson apologized, though not in the most sincere possible way.

“Did I? All right. I apologize to the Jews,” he said, grinning. “They’re good small businessmen as well. All right folks, let’s get back to this.”

Johnson’s fellow legislators cackled along and that is by far the most astonishing part of the video. Those men should have been appalled, as one should when they hear an anti-Semitic slur, or any kind of ethnic slur.

Watch the moment here:


  1. oklahoma legislator uses the phrase ‘Jew Me Down’ live on camera THREE YEARS AGO in April 2013.

    “During a review of the legislative week on April 18 (Thursday), House Speaker T.W. Shannon, R-Lawton, said, “Rep. Johnson came in to see me after the comments on the floor. He was most regretful and deeply sorrowful.”

    Responding to a question from CapitolBeatOK, Shannon continued, “It helps if you know people’s heart, and I know his heart. He is a genuine caring guy who said something he shouldn’t have said.””
    – From a real news source.

    Race baiting OnlySimchas should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. And Yeshiva World News, for sharing a misleading story, you should check articles for accuracy before sharing them. A credible news source must only post accurate information lest they mislead their readers –

    I can picture it now. OnlySimchas or another ‘evidently trusted’ news source posts Loshon Hora about a Rabbi or another Jew, or slanders another goy like this Okhlahoma anti-semite, and then YWN goes and spreads it – then YWN is as guilty! You need to be credible, YWN, because I only want to read credible news.

  3. I’m sure if this yoyo said something like this about any other group he would’ve been taken down from whatever position he holds but because it was “Jews” he’s the life of the party. He should RIH!!!

  4. DikDukDuck,

    So in Nazi Germany you would’ve gone with the “real news sources”, such as Der Sturmer? Haven’t you realized how twisted the “real news sources” are? Can you explain to me what the difference is how long ago this occurred? So YWN is a BIT late, they tend to do that here and there 🙂

    Now if he had dared say the exact same comment on the black community, there would be rioting all over Oklahoma and he’d need to be assigned bodyguards. But when it’s the Jews, it’s a joke, he meant no harm, move on….. The double standard is appalling! If he said this on Muslims, we’d never hear the end of it.

  5. If our האנדעלעריי was עהרליך we wouldn’t be subject to such comments! We ought not be as disturbed at the messenger as much as the message is disturbing – but we earned that with our reputation!
    We all know he would never say auch a comment about African Americans – lest they lynch him. But for us, we need to do some introspection.

  6. big deal so wat
    i hear it from yiden all the time
    i jew down , and i get jew down
    who cares
    abi gezunt . besides RASHI says וידוא והלחה הוה