Bennett Implements 5-Point Gemara Iyun Curriculum for Girls Too


benEducation Minister Naftali Bennett explains his decision to permit the five-point Gemara curriculum for girls as well as boys. He tweeted the decision comes “50 years late. Now girls may also have access to limud Gemara”.

The decision refers to permitting girls to study the highest level curriculum of Gemara offered in the public school system, previously only available to boys.

The Amit ulpana (high school) in Beit Shemesh is offering a twice weekly iyun shiur in Gemara for the girls. Participants include girls from seventh through twelfth grades. They daven at home before school and during the davening time in school, they take part in the Gemara shiur. This girl’s program over the years has already completed Messechos Taanis, Brachos, Chagigah and Rosh Hashanah.

Bennett has decided to adopt the Beit Shemesh model and make advanced Gemara studies available to girl’s in public schools on the level of 5 units for bagrut (matriculation) exams.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Good. the Chofetz Chaim took the girls out of the dark ages when he said they should start learning torah because girls are not fixtures inside the house anymore and will learn secular subjects if they don’t learn Torah. Even more so today. Things change.

  2. #1
    Are you ever accurate on anything?

    While he meant well , he later wrestled with it

    He actually said one of thing he fears most when he gets to Heaven was teaching Talmud

    to girls’

  3. The problem with teaching any Torah at all in the Israeli public school system is that it is usually taught by teachers who do not believe in Torah from Sinai and they teach it all wrong. My niece, in her list of school books, was instructed to bring a Chumash “without commentaries”, If you can believe such a thing. Talmud is usually taught in a way of making fun of the Sages for “quibbling” over “small” things. The very last thing the public wants is that anybody should become frum.

    In answer to your question, the public schools are co-ed.

  4. Trust me most Bais Yaakov girls learn gemara on as high a level as these guys- and now girls… and why not learn gemara, what, exactly, do you think they’ll be doing instead in that time? Tiflus a lot worse than this!