Report: Lack of Security at Rami Levy Branch in Shar Binyamin


20160218071224Channel 2 senior correspondent Moshe Nussbaum last week following the fatal stabbing attack at the Rami Levi supermarket in Shar Binyamin reported the store was closed due to security failures. Twenty-one year old IDF soldier, husband and father Tuvia Yanai Weissman HY”D of Maale Michmas was murdered in the attack. Nussbaum added that Rami Levi, CEO of the supermarket chain was summoned to police.

Levi spoke to Mordechai Lavi of Kol Chai Radio on Sunday morning 12 Adar I, first and foremost sending condolences to the bereaved family. He explained Nussbaum erred in his report. Levi stated the store was not closed but actually, reopened a half hour following the attack “showing the terrorists they will not succeed”. In addition, he explained the security guard checked the terrorist as he was supposed to, adding he does not perform body searches as he is not required to and therefore, the knife was not detected. Levi pointed out that armed soldiers are also stationed alongside the guard at that branch, which is located in the Binyamin Regional Council of Shomron.

He added he was not called in by police as Nussbaum’s report was simply not correct.

Kol Chai:

Will you stop hiring Arabs now. There is much criticism against you for hiring Arabs.


Tell me something. Israel Police doesn’t hire Arabs. I will not permit terrorists to succeed in disrupting our lives. Each Arab employee is checked as required and all of the Arab employees without exception condemned the attack as did the Jewish employees.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It is not only in the Rami Levi branch at Shaar Binyamin that there is no security. I was at the Givat Shaul Mehadrin branch in Yerushalayim tonight and the two “security guards” were standing talking without a care in the world. A lady walked in with a full bag without either of the guards giving her a second glance. Having guards like that is just a farce anyway when the whole store is crawling with arab staff.