Battle Between Gafne And Deri Regarding Chief Rabbinate Post


gadeThe battle to replace Oded Viner with a new director-general of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has been going on for over two years. To date there is still no director-general.

On Wednesday evening 29 Adar-I, the committee convened and approved the appointment of Moshe Dagan for the post. Dagan is currently the deputy director-general of the Ministry of Religious Services. He has been in the post since 2012, from the tenure of Eli Yishai as Shas leader and Yaakov Margi was the minister.

Dagan’s appointment enjoys the backing of Rishon L’Tzion Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita but Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Dovid Lau Shlita is sharply opposed.

Persons close to Rav Lau explain the appointment is in line with the wishes of Shas leader Aryeh Deri, but no one consulted with him. He questions how one can expect to appoint such a high position in the Chief Rabbinate without consulting with both Chief Rabbis. Rav Lau does not question the suitability of the incoming director-general, but the process. He stresses this is not a personnel issue.

Persons close to Deri report that while everyone has the utmost respect for Rav Lau, the committee made the decision.

This being the case, it now appears the battle will shift to the political front with Deri facing off against MK Moshe Gafne, who is reportedly less than pleased with the Shas candidate taking the senior civil post.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. When harav Ben-Dahan was the Vice-Minister of Religious affairs he proposed someone for the position that harav Lau agreed to but that harav Yosef did not agree to and both harav Ben-Dahan and harav Lau agreed not to move forward with the appointment out of respect for the long standing principle that no one shall be appointed to the position who is not acceptable to both chief rabbis.

    Count on Deri-The-Felon to throw custom, principle and all vestiges of menschlichkiet out of the window for his personal political gratification.

  2. Deri ought to be firmly punished.

    The ashkenazim have bent over backwards and have had their reputation suffer due to the unscrupulousness of Deri. They accepted it as their lot ).

    If corrupt Shas under Deri continues its nepotic Rabbinate alliance with those who care less about halacha than about family/political backslapping, then they should finally be shirked off like the albatross they are.