Suicide Bombing Attack in Brussels Airport – At least 10 Dead & 35 Severely Wounded [UPDATED 10:55AM IL]


09:55AM IL: [PHOTOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] Two explosions rocked the Brussels Airport a short time ago.

According to reports from the airport there area at least 11 dead and 25 injured in what is believed to be a terror attack. More to follow.

10:30AM IL: MSNBC quoting federal police in Brussels reports it is yet to be confirmed that the explosions were a terror attack although this scenario appears likely. Witnesses state that heard “two very loud explosions”.

10:35AM IL: The blast occurred in the checkout area, a low security area servicing passengers who are departing. The blast according to foreign media reports was at Departure area 1, checkout 4. One of the airlines serviced there is American Airlines.

MSNBC adds security in that airport is not too heavy, “far less than one would see in the Middle East”.

Israeli media reports at present there is no reason whatsoever to believe this attack is tied to Israel. There are unconfirmed reports that two Israelis are counted among the wounded.

10:46: Sky News is reporting the airport explosions was a suicide bombing attack, quoting Brussels Public Broadcasting. That is to say the media is calling it a terror attack but authorities have yet to make this determination.

There are eyewitness reports that “Shouting in Arabic” preceded the explosions in the airport.

10:52: TRAVEL ALERT: Israel’s Ports Authority advises all passengers to check with their airline regarding their flights.

Israeli airlines in Europe are reporting that they are not being permitted to take off from Europe to Israel until midnight tonight. This impacts 24 flights that are scheduled to leave Europe today for Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

As of 10:30AM flights continue on schedule at Ben-Gurion. There are no delays pertaining to flight departures at Ben-Gurion. Flights heading to Brussels have been diverted to another European airport.

10:55: Sky News reports the death toll has risen to 13 and 35 people have been “severely injured” in two explosions in the airport.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem/Photos: Media Resource Group)