IDF ‘Hesder Yeshiva’ Soldier Collapses And Dies During Basic Training R’L


2Tragedy struck the Givati Brigade and the hesder community on Tuesday, 22 Adar-II when hesder talmid Yehuda Sussia z”l collapsed and died on his base. The 19-year-old soldier from Beit Uziel collapsed during physical education on the Givati base.

Sussia was a talmid in Yeshivat Karnei Shomron and entered the IDF in the March 2016 induction. As a result of the incident all training in Givati has been halted pending an investigation.

The levaya was held on Wednesday, 13 Adar-II at 13:00 in the Har Herzl Military Cemetery in Yerushalayim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. BDE. This tragedy is an isolated event and should not be used as by those opposed to the hesder program as a reason to discourage participation by frum bochurim in the IDF. Training accidents and fatalities like this occur in the U.S. military as well with very low frequency and in most cases are caused by some underlying medical condition that could have been triggered by any physical exertion.

  2. BDE – hakol bidei shomayim. Sitting learning is not physical exertion, it is exertion of the neshoma. Heilige yidden are not cut out to take the risks of physical exertion, they are cut out to sit and learn and exert the neshoma.