City Hall Agrees to Postpone Demolition at Yeshivas Pnei Shmuel for Two Weeks


20160329020056Police on Tuesday, 19 Adar-II reported that among the seven talmidei yeshiva arrested during the violent clashes at Yeshivas Pnei Shmuel in Bayit Vegan were two carrying knives.

As reported earlier by YWN-ISRAEL, talmidim confronted police on Tuesday night when they arrived with city officials to destroy illegal construction, additions to the yeshiva that were done without permits. The confrontations resumed on Wednesday morning when police and city officials returned, leading to the seven arrests, including three minors. In light of documented police brutality against some of the talmidim, MK Moshe Gafne spoke with Police Commissioner Rami Alsheich in Knesset as well as with Jerusalem Police Chief Halevy, calling upon then to probe the incidents.

It appears and understanding has now been reached by which the yeshiva will turn to the court to postpone the order compelling the yeshiva to remove the illegal areas on its own for two additional weeks. The agreement was achieved by Gafne who contacted city and yeshiva officials.

Police report those taken into custody will be charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting police, adding two of the talmidim in custody were armed with knives.

The accompanying video shows one talmid puncturing the tire of a police van with a sharp object and fleeing.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem / Video: Media Resource Group)


  1. I am getting tired of the serious behavioral issues that many “Yeshiva Bochurim” have.
    Yeshiva Bochurim have no place where Machlokes exists or is discussed. NO place on the streets or protesting or any other form of negative activity.
    For some reason it seems more often than not that it is a requirement not to follow rules and regulations and when caught scream yell and make it an anti-religious issue.
    Stick the Roshei Yeshivahs in Jail along with the Bochurim. They need to take responsibility for this type of anti Torah behavior. It was it is and will always be a Chillul Hashem to behave it such an abhorrent way.
    It is a Zechus to be able to sit in Yeshiva/Kollel and learn a full day. This Zechus should not be wasted.