Gaza Blames A Lack Of Electricity For Sewage Dumping Into The Mediterranean


1Claiming it lacks sufficient electricity to operate sewage treatment plants, Gaza is now dumping sewage into the Mediterranean, a move environmental experts fear may compromise Israel’s coastline. According to a Ynet report, millions of gallon of raw sewage is being spilled into the Mediterranean daily and this has already compromised Gaza’s fresh water supply as well as its fishing industry.

The report states the sewage that has accumulated has begun heading north, to the Israeli coastline. A water desalination plant that was operating has been compelled to shut due to the pollution in that area. the environmentalists are shouting but at present, it does not appear anyone is listening. They warn the damage could be irreparable if not addressed soon, citing the Gaza matter is going to rapidly become an urgent Israeli matter.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why in the world do they deserve any pity? In fact, by dumping their raw sewage into the sea, ought be seen as a declaration of war. Why the international community is even quiet about this bkatant attack on the world’s natural resources is in and of itself mind-boggling. If they’d only stop using money to build tunnels and build weaponry and armaments they’d have money to pay their debt to the Israeli electric company. Why won’t the world acknowledge that this is a sub-human people that deserve annihilation and certainly no pity!

    When Ariel Sharon ripped Jews out of their homes and communities and gave the Palestinians Gaza as a “gesture of peace” it was a beautiful land. These barbarians turned it into a wasteland!