Growing Chareidi Concerns Over High Court’s Position And The Kosel Status Quo


kotelThe High Court of Justice on Wednesday, 13 Teves heard two petitions addressing the future of the religious status quo at the Kosel and requests from women seeking expanded authority and religious freedom at the holy site.

The court has given the state 30 days to respond, placing the burden on the state to explain why the women should not be permitted to read from a Sefer Torah in the ezras noshim as they request.

The court also explains many women maintain the Robinson’s Arch solution is insufficient as it moves the women to another venue. The awaits the state’s response on the matter as many women explain they wish to daven at the Kosel and not a nearby alternative venue.

It also instructs the Rav of the Kosel and Holy Sites Rabbi Rabinowitz to make certain women entering the area are subjected to the standard security inspection and not a more rigid one as occurred recently.

These items have chareidi lawmakers concerned, signaling the court is inclined to side with Women of the Wall and others seeking to change the long-standing arrangement at the Kosel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Stop whining and stop the apathy! If you allow these non-elected well-bribed-judges-for-life to take themselves all the power and are more powerful than the PM and can do as they wish, why are you complaining?

    As long as the High Court judges are not overthrown and democratically appointed either by the people or by the government, they’ll have the upper hand.

  2. To No. 2

    Perhaps you don’t read the newspapers but the PM and his government agreed to a sharing agreement for the space around the Kosel Plaza over a year ago but then reneged on the agreement after some whining by the Chareidi parties in the coalition. They should follow through with their prior agreement or step back and let the court impose its own solution. Either way, the government is subject to the final decision of the Court.

  3. @Gadolhadorah

    You call adhering to halacha whining? WoW are not interested in the spiritual elevation that ravening at the Kosel brings, they’re in it for one thing only – pushing their anti-Torah agenda. Anyone who claims differently is misguided or chas v’shalom in agreement with their aim to destroy true Torah Judaism.

  4. The Reform and Conservative movements who decided to change our Mesorah that has been passed down to us through every generation since Moshe Rabbeinu received the Aseres Hadibros on Har Sinai. They might as well pick a different wall in Cincinnati perhaps. Their woman can dance there as much as they want with their changed Scrolls adapted to their life style. Why do they need a Kosel just to disturb the masses of Jews who lead their lives according to the unchanged Holy Torah given to the Jewish people and adhered to by the Jewish people who sacrificed their lives to do the creators will with true love and appreciation of his kindness, goodness, and greatness. They sinned so much with their changing and adjusting the Torah for their pleasure, that they cannot rest until they disrupt others from doing good. They should live to correct their ways and learn to live a true Torah life giving Naches to our creator bringing closer the time of Moshiach not the opposite.

  5. These women are more pathetic than the plo!
    Do they realize what will happen to them? No
    Do their supporters realize what will happen to them? No
    It will be a kiddush Hashem to vindicate the Holy Torah when Hashem causes them to fall.

  6. By the way regarding reading torah scrool, why cant they use a printed chumesh. What did you say? Not yotzeh? who says,they dont observe the S’U. as matter fact where does it say in bible one has to read torah , or for that matter whats this busness of wearing tefilin? nowhere in bible is anything mentioned of tefilin, black boxes, perfectly square, what has to be in them etc etc.They dont believe torah min hashomayim not to menton oral why they coming altogether.

    Just ‘k’nimrod gibor tzyid l’shem