5 Shekel Cofix Upping The Price To 6 Shekels


1Cofix has become a well-known entity in Israel, credited by many for breaking the marketplace and compelling many cafes to lower the price of a cup of coffee and many other items. It is also in the process of moving into the chareidi communities around the country. Cofix, which was established in Israel in 2013 by Avi Katz now boasts 161 branches. Before it entered the café scene, coffee would sell in excess of NIS 10 a cup, and as high as 15 to 20. However, when its 5 shekel menu was introduced, many stores reacted in the hoping of remaining competitive.

The company announces that due to the increase in the costs of ingredients and the economy, all items will be increased to 6 shekels beginning on Sunday 23 Shevat. The increase however will not impact Super Cofix grocery stores which sell 800 items at NIS 5 each.

Katz explains “The price revolution that we led in three and a half years is indisputable. We rely on our customers to stand with us and assist in continuing the revolution. Even at six shekels, Cofix remains the most affordable chain of stores”.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)