Russia Eliminates Daylight Saving Time

(Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 03:12 PM)

Moscow – Russia is doing away with daylight saving time, keeping the clocks unchanged starting this year, with President Dmitry Medvedev telling the Interfax news agency on Tuesday that the time adjustment put strain on the organism and caused stress.

‘Besides, it will allow us to have more daylight,’ he said.

Like many other countries, Russia had previously set its clocks back by one hour in October and forward by one hour in March. Medvedev had proposed getting rid of daylight saving time in late 2009 and instructed the Economy Ministry to explore the idea.

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Last year, Russia had already lowered the number of time zones across its territory from 11 to nine to allow for better administration. Experts have suggested segmenting the country – the world’s largest – into only four time zones.

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(Source: M & C)

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  1. Softwords says:

    Good for them! I hope that others will follow and we’ll all do away with this insane idea!

  2. A600KiloBear says:


    Actually this makes sense in Russia.

    In the summer with DST you can daven Mincha at 11.00 PM (23:00) in Moscow and in Peterburg the sun just about never sets for much of the summer.

    DST really does just create stress in much of Russia because it gets so much light anyway in the summer.

    So now the latest Mincha in Moscow will probably be 10 PM and the latest Shabbos will end is about midnight IIRC.

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