WSPU Makes 7 Arrests in 6 Days


In just 6 days the Williamsburg Shomirm (WSPU) were credited with making 7 arrests.

Below is a short summary:
* A wanted suspect was arrested in the 79th Pct area for stealing copper-piping from buildings.
* A Shomrim member exiting his vehicle on Bedford Avenue & Myrtly Avenue felt a gun stuck into his back, and tried reaching for his radio to call for backup. Before he had a chance, the thug knocked the radio to the ground. Luckily, an NYPD cruiser from the 79 Pct was passing by, and after a short chase, the suspect was arrested. The gun turned out to be fake.
* Two suspects were arrested for stealing various items in a building on Bedford Avenue.
* Two males were arrested for spray-painting graffiti in the area of Flushing Avenue & Kent Avenue.
* A suspicious male was followed by WSPU members, and witnessed him break into car and steal a GPS.

Shomrim thanks the Commanding Officer of the 90th Pct, D.I. Kemper, and the NEW Commanding Officer of the 79th pct, D.I. Bartoszek for their cooperation. Without it, WSPU would not be able to continue their tremendous work on behalf of the Williamsburg Community.

(Eli Gefen – YWN)