Neturei Karta Beaten By Arabs While Protesting In Jordan At ‘Global March to Jerusalem’


A series of rallies across the Arab world that were meant to draw two million participants for a so-called “Global March to Jerusalem,” and which had Israeli authorities heavily deployed at potential border hotspots, fizzled on Friday to localized demonstrations in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

While Israel’s northern and eastern borders remained unthreatened, and the rallies in neighboring countries were largely peaceful, there was violence at the Jordan event: Local media reported that four American ultra-Orthodox rabbis from the extreme anti-Zionist Neturei Karta movement were beaten and verbally abused by local participants at the start of the event. They were rescued by other participants. Neturei Karta members also joined a rally in Lebanon.

The gatherings — of thousands of Arabs and international solidarity activists marking “Land Day” — were kept in check by police forces in Jordan and by the army in Lebanon.



  1. Great story.

    These are deranged individuals.

    Can only wish they were beaten so badly that they sought medical attention in an Israeli hospital!

    That would be really funny !

  2. Oh, those poor Neturei Karta! They were beaten and reviled by the arabs, and they are certainly hated by the Yidden, so they get it from all sides! Poor them. Anyone sad for them?

  3. What is with you guys. Human beings were being beaten, who cares if their philosophy does not agree with yours. you guys are vicious.

  4. #5 actuly im very sad, cause ‘binfoil oiyivcha al tismach’ but when such bad enemys gets beaten then not just ‘al tismach’ but im sad!!!! HAHA

  5. The NK do not have the ability to comprehend the situation at large. When your mind is poisoned to a certain way of thinking, any rational or sechel ability is lost.
    Jewish = ISRAEL in the eyes of the world.

  6. The point that NK makes is an important one and is the truth, which is that Zionism is not Judaism and that Israel does NOT represent the Jewish people.

    Israel is a secular political entity, NOT “the Jewish state”. Israel’s founders and many of its current government members want zero to do with Judaism except to replace it with Zionism, CH”V.

    NK’s methods are shocking, which is, I presume, the point. But Pirkei Avos warns us “Al Tischaber LaRasha”, so, in my estimation, these methods are halachicly incorrect.

    We also see yet another example of Rashi’s pshat in “Vihu yihye pereh adam”. Such pereh that they rabidly attach Jews who are very much on their side.

  7. hakatan: there is no justifying those Nazis at NK, yimach shemam veyovad zichrum.

    Satmar has a belief in Zionism which I disagree with but respect. You want to defend Satmar, go ahead. But NK has NO legitimate point. In my view, if they are all killed i will be quite happy.

  8. #14 It really does not matter whether their point is true, honest, accurate or not. (which is a debate of its own)

    If the world at large have accepted the premise that ISRAEl equal JEWS, and JEWS equal ISRAEL, their actions are encouraging hardship, distress, anquish and is dangerous to the Jewish Nation.

  9. While i certainly am not ok w arabs beating jews of any type, i think that this hopefully will send a message to the NK that the arabs are wrong.

  10. When push comes to shove the Arab world looks at all Jews with the same distain. Maybe this little reminder will wake these NK fools up to realities of life 2012 as to the the relationship between the Muslim world and Jews of any stripe.

  11. I absolutely agree with #6. The only missing ingredient is, that this beating did not occur on Yom ha’Atzmaut nor Yom Yerusholayim.

  12. Don’t you people see the real story? They were rescued by other protestors. The one’s who beat them were undercover shin bet agents! get it?

  13. can’t be! these peace loving arabs would never beat up their Jewish anti-Jewish brethren.
    Next time the arabs might finish the job. there is no love of jews, even turn coat Jews who parade with arab kafiyahs on their neck. May they be chozer b’tshuvah before their lose their place in olam hazeh and olam habah.

  14. On Shabbos HaGadol I attended a shiur where the rav stated that according to some rabbanim, there is a fifth galus-galus Yishmael. It seems clear that many changes are specifically occuring in the arab world and there are indications that Yishamel is gaining power. (See Sanhedrin 98 Rashi’s comments). While we may be for or against the government in Israel, the fact remains that taxes of all Israelis go to support the yeshivot in Israel, in the army major attempts are made in the areas of kashrus and accommodating religious soldiers, and builders of new areas are building tons of developments for Shomrei Torah exclusively with the governments’ backing. Therefore, if the arab spring- springs up against the Jews anywhere in the world-the only ones with the abilities for self defense are those in Israel. And the government has great spiritual zechsim too for their role in Torah support. Jews everywhere else are defenseless and have to rely on the mercy of an Edomite government. My bet where it is safest, Israel! And if the NK want to remain in America with the goyim and rely on their mercy for protection, then they will be the 4/5ths that don’t leave this last and final galus unless they learn from this incident and the recent tragedy in France, Mumbai, the bombings in England on the train, 9/11, etc….

  15. #15 we must be very careful to use the term ‘yemach shemam’ against other yidden. NK hashkofas are undoubtedly krum – very krum and also endangering to other Jews – but they are still yidden who are probably shomer mitzvos and want to do ratson Hashem. there are plenty more out there who are equally or not more dangerous and are ‘sonei Hashem’ with every fibre of the being – who have no desire to keep His mitzvos. but for them we say nebach, tinok shenishba. not so poshut.