Haaretz Columnist Views the Dati Leumi Being a Greater Threat than Hizbullah


A column published in the Wednesday 16 Nissan edition of Haaretz accuses the dati leumi community being a great threat to the nation than Hizbullah or terrorists who carry out vehicular ramming or stabbing attacks.

Entitled “Out Pious Elite”, written by Yossi Klein, he labels the dati leumi community as dangerous, more so than Hizbullah and the terrorists. Klein explains the level of danger from this community is such that “the Arabs can be neutralized but them, not”.

He continues attacking the community, stating unequivocally that they wish to run the nation and cleanse it of Arabs. “If you ask they will deny this. They know it is too early to be open [regarding their plan] but don’t believe their denials. Their religious nationalism is extremist nationalism wrapped in pious Yiras Shomayim. It permeates the education system, it is strengthened in the military and influences the High Court of Justice. They are already on their way to us, and in a moment, they will be breaking the door” the column adds.

He goes on to write “Now that they are entering our home, they are taking off their masks. They no longer require them, they self-confident but are still careful. Once upon a time they said nothing. Today they openly speak of expropriation but are quietly speaking about transfer. Tomorrow, transfer will be discussed openly and they will think the same as did members of the Jewish Underground”.

“I have more in common with an eskimo than with them and that which they represent. What’s my connection to Smotrich or Yisrael Harel, or those seeking freedom at the expense of the freedom of others? I have the following to say. It’s okay. They will get eventually grow accustomed but it is we who will have to become accustomed. We are the champs of growing accustomed. We have already grown accustomed to the Palestinians losing their freedom. With this, why not grow accustomed to canceling our freedom? We must do the same to ‘freedom’ as was done to ‘peace’. We no longer say, ‘from slavery to freedom’ but from ‘freedom to mastery”.

“Their Judaism eliminates all others including me. Who can bridge the abyss between us? Only the missiles which will compel us to run for shelter and then to memorial ceremonies”.

The column has come under fire in a number of forums including dati leumi new websites in Israel.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. My sense is that Klein’s sentiments reflect the Israeli left missing the good ol’ Obama days and feeling largely impotent and politically isolated.

  2. What about “Our Ignorant Elite”?
    Doesn’t the so-called columnist know that the Arabs don’t love us?
    Doesn’t he know that the world stands on Torah?
    A happy and Kosher Pesach to all.