Foreign Experts Arrive in Ramallah to Exhume Arafat’s Body

(Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 05:30 PM)

As efforts continue to blame Israel for the 2004 death of former PA (Palestinian Authority) leader and master terrorist Yasser Arafat in a French hospital, experts from Switzerland and France have arrived in Ramallah to begin preparing for the exhumation of the body, which is scheduled for November 26, 2012.

The expert team was dispatched by the Institute of Radiation Physics at Switzerland’s University of Lausanne and team members will be meeting with senior PA leaders and health experts in Ramallah.

Foreign experts have reported finding traces of radioactive polonium on Arafat’s clothing, signaling this may be the cause of death, pointing a finger of blame at Israel. PA officials back in the summer of 2012 signaled their desire to have the body exhumed after learning of the radiation, certain the findings will lead to Israel.

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  1. CircleSteve says:

    Who cares why he died. He is dead and the Middle East is much better off.

  2. MDU says:

    This is no joke if they will blame Israel, and maybe they’ll have evidence from official experts it could be very dangerous for our brothers in Israel no one wants violence, or worse, there. Hashem Yerachem

  3. kitzur_dot_net says:

    blame Obama, again

  4. Moose613 says:

    Would anyone like to place a smallwager on what the findings will be?

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