VIDEO: MK Eicher Comes To The Defense Of PM Netanyahu



MK Yisrael Eicher used the Knesset podium to come to the defense of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who he explained is under constant attack by the left-wing media.

“I went up to speak because we only saw the danger in the media in the last hours. Shedding the blood of the prime minister in an unparalleled manner, humiliating his son. If the media is not decentralized is a danger to democracy. In addition, when you do justice to Channel 20 and regulate its status under the law, justice should also be done with a channel of dialogue that recently received a fine for allegedly broadcasting an advertisement to a hotel where a seminar was held”.

Yair Netanyahu, a son, was recorded making derogatory remarks about women. Mr. Netanyahu explained the children were raised and taught to respect women, and he is tired of the media hounding him and his family, stating Yair’s remarks were made during a party with friends and there was alcohol and not everting that occurs has to become a media event.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)