VIDEO: IDF Forces Operating In The Home Of The Tamimi Family Of Nabei Salah



In the accompanying video, we see IDF soldiers operating in the home of the Tamimi family in Nabei Salah near Ramallah to arrest Mahmoud el-Tamimi in connection with this week’s drive-by shooting attack near Gilad Farm. Security agencies continue efforts to locate and apprehend all the terrorists responsible for the fatal shooting attack in the Shomron earlier this week.

Gilad Farm resident Rabbi Raziel Shevach HY”D, 35, a father of six was targeted in a drive-by shooting attack in which 22 bullets were fired at his car.

He was gravely wounded, but still managed to call for assistance.

Unfortunately he was niftar just minutes after the attack.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Looks like party time with all the picture taking & kisses. If he is a killer – then treat him like one.

    Poor Palestinians- with every kid a smartphone. World of lies & deception.