Netanyanu Meets With Leading Ministers To Discuss Egyptian Ceasefire Proposal

(Monday, November 19th, 2012 05:37 PM)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with the forum of nine leading ministers Monday night to discuss the Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire that would end Operation Pillar of Defense against terrorists in Gaza.

Meanwhile, Al-Arabiya reported earlier Monday evening that that a ceasefire may go into effect within 24 hours.

There was no official Israeli statement released.

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  1. takingabreak says:

    Cease fire so the lowlifes can claim victory again ?! R u crAzy

  2. 147 says:

    The answer to your question takingabreak is, that if your son was 1 of the soldiers waiting to be deployed to make a land invasion into Gaza, you would be imploring Netanyohu to make some ceasefire agreement.

    Mark my word:- Ground entry of Israeli soldiers into Gaza, equates death sentence for several Israeli soldiers haShem YeRachem!!!

  3. Rebyid40 says:


    That’s what the IDF is there for! Israel is the only country in the world that values the life of its soldiers more than the life of its civilian poulation. The purpose of the IDF is the defend the civilian population-not to sit there looking pretty. Unfortunately, a ground invasion may result in casualties R”L. However, the fact is that no war has ever been won from the air. If the USA would have attempted to win WW2 from the air and never invaded Europe, Nazi Germany would still be ruling it. There would have been no concentration camp survivors. England probably would have eventually been invaded.
    The fact is that until ground troops go in and conquer the areas from where the rockets are being fired (thereby putting Israel out of rocket range) they will continue. This is simply unacceptable and no country can claim to be sovereign and accept rocket fire on its population as an unavoidable phenomenon.

  4. Moose613 says:

    Un less Israel is prepared to remain in Gaza indefinitely, a ground invasion is a waste of valuable resources, both in life and money. Better a shaky truce even if we must resume air strikes again in the future.

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