VIDEO & PHOTOS: Protests In Kikar Shabbos On Thursday Night


Hafganos were held in Kikar Shabbos on Thursday night.

As is the usual, traffic was brought to a halt as dumpsters were set ablaze, and hundreds of protesters blocked the roads until police came and opened the street.

ALL VIDEO & PHOTO CREDITS TO: מני רפאל- קרדיט “מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים


  1. Gawking at kids burning things is not as informative as mentioning the reason for the demonstration and which rabbonim called for it or backed it. After all, isn’t this a “news” site?

  2. Put this garbage (aka “protestors”) into the dumpsters next time…..its gotten so bad that the article doesn’t even bother to offer an explanation of the reason for the “protest” as if they need one.

  3. so they make a big protest in Kikar Shabbos and block frum people from getting home or to a simcha and the government laughs at them since they are total idiots and we from the fum community burn inside that it is we who must suffer their stupidity!

  4. A few thoughts on this:
    Garbage burning garbage.
    One picture illustrates igniting baled cardboard which has monetary value, so this is stealing.
    Close off the area and let the fire burn itself out regardless of damage caused. Then wait and see letters signed by gedolim asking to donate to kupat haair to repair damage, of course with leading askanim getting their cut of the donations
    When these heroes suffer burns let the rabbonim treat them instead of the atheists at local hospitals

  5. and what does blocking off a major street in a frum area accomplish, except inconvenience frum Yidden? Do they think a single politician or IDF personnel will be in the area to see it? Other than providing evening entertainment for a bunch of boys , what a waste of time that accomplishes nothing.

  6. Nu, where are authorities? Why not place a soldier or two at the corner of Kikar Shabbos? Arrest these Efes-meufashim and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

  7. this is what their chinuch causes; some boys play baseball, they play fireball. the root cause of such behavior is what needs to be addressed; guarantee you that it will not