VIDEOS/PHOTOS: IDF Soldiers Beaten By Violent Palestinian Mob After Accidentally Entering Jenin



An IDF vehicle was attacked by a PA (Palestinian Authority) mob, including rock-throwing, after the driver mistakenly entered PA occupied Jenin. It did not take long for the non-combat but visibly marked IDF vehicle to be surrounded by the mob and come under attack.

The two soldiers inside the vehicle were injured and the female was transported to HaEmek Hospital in Afula in light-to-moderate condition.

The mob also succeeded in stealing the weapon from one of the soldiers. PA Police are reportedly involved in the search for the stolen weapon.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Nowecant: Not so sure. They prob would’ve been quesioned and exonerated. Very similar to the case of the recent bar mitzvah trip that went wrong. The kids were surrounded by a lynch mob and ultimately one of the armed adults fired at the crowd and killed one of the worthless sewer creatures. Was found to be justified. The two in the car in Jenin were armed. I believed they 1st calmly called for backup before being attacked. They might have been overpowered too quickly. BTW, one israeli gun is a drop in the bucket. These guys have millions of bucks worth of American funded weapons and munitions, unfortunately, given by the USA in the name of arming the …ahem…Palestinian victims of Hamas – and also training them! Where do you think these poor victims were going to aim the weapons, hmmm? Been happening since at least Dubbya (aka G. Bush). Time to take back what is ours…

  2. To enlist in the IDF one is volunteering to be a jailee. Why then should anyone enlist! Is it a wonder that the bochurim are opting out! They’re using their GemaraKup to see and understand the reality.
    I find it curious that the picture of Bochurim getting beaten is right after the post of the soldiers getting beaten. Coincidendal??

  3. Oy, they crossed into Lebanon or Syria and got attacked!
    Jenin is Shechem. Did Yaakov give that to Yosef? How is it that Israel is the obstacle to peace, Mr. President! Please explain it for the morons among us!

  4. mrs. d you are G. W. Bush was a horrible president who empowered Iran by taking away their enemy Iraq, and now he is upset his baby brother lost to Trump so he is saying the Dem lies of collusion. Bush was the reason Israel left Gaza and had “democratic” elections that brought Hamas.

  5. These are the subhumans that the old war hero, the great John Kerry, told wink wink, I’ll give you whatever you want when I become President. You just keep attacking and killing innocent Israeli Jews. The Democrat party right there, for you. Adam Schiff is quiet. He’s too busy cooking up some new shocking revelations on the Trump/Russia collusion. Schiff & Schumer couldn’t care less about their Jewish brothers and sisters.