VIDEOS/PHOTOS: Sikrikim Continue Violent Protests In Yerushalayim



It was a stormy night on Sunday, the eve of 27 Shevat in the Kikar Shabbos area of Jerusalem as sikrikim and followers of the Eida Chareidis were back out protesting.

They blocked vehicular traffic including buses and attacked at least one Egged bus driver. Garbage bins were set a fire as is their custom.

ALL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS VIA מחאות החרדים הקיצוניים:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/ צילום :מני רפאל)


  1. I see the word “Sikrikim” as Sick Raikim (Empty). These are mentally disturbed, empty headed fools.
    But as long as they wear their silly 18th century clothes, everything is allowed. Despicable.

  2. Noxious weeds in the garden, Calling them Sikrikim is just a fig leaf for the leadership. These are the talmidim of Rabbis A, B, and C, and from chasiddus X, Y, and Z.

  3. Garbage bins were set a fire as is their custom….

    So generations from now, kollel yungerleit will be debating the shoresh for the minhag of burning dumpsters, whether one lights from the right side or left, what obligations are there to assure there is no food in the bin so there is no issue of “bishul dumpster” etc. So this is how the minhagim of EY get established.

  4. What are they protesting?
    They are protesting the new takanos that the government wants to pass re: giyus banos.
    So, when they decide that YOUR daughter doesn’t deserve an exemption from the army because she has a Facebook page (this has happened countless times) then don’t come crying to the askanim from Meah Shearim to help. (Those who do come crying for exactly that reason, get helped regardless, because the Meah Shearim askanim believe in getting ALL girls an exemption regardless of how religious she is. And they don’t take a penny for what they do.)