PHOTOS: Eida Disqualifies Chicken With A Third Leg Found In Shechita Line



During a regular day of shechita of chickens in an Eida Chareidis chicken slaughterhouse, one chicken was detected having three legs.

The rav of the slaughterhouse, rav of the shechita and Rav Bentzion Bayer Shlita checked into the matter towards determining the halachic status of the chicken.

Rav Bentzion Bayer, the rav of the slaughterhouse, checked the bird carefully and ultimately ruled it to be treif because the third leg was connected to the bird’s intestines.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. And this story about a treife hindl with 3 legs is newsworthy because???

    1. It takes the focus of Bibi’s likely indictment

    2. it took 3 rabbonim to issue the psak (one for each leg) :or

    3. You fill in what you think underlies the editiorial decision to run this story

  2. Lechaora even if it wasn’t attached to the intestines it would be taref. We have a din of kol yeser kenutal dami. Therefore, if a regel is missing it’s taref so this would be the same.

  3. What are you talking about? Bibi being indicted? Where did you hear anything like that? There’s no mention of any such thing anywhere on YWN!

  4. Whoops! My mistake. There is an article about it further down on the page. Didn’t notice it because it wasn’t a headline article.

    Moderators Note: It was the headline story for 6 hours yesterday – posted minutes after the announcement was made. It’s also in the top trending articles due to the amount of times it was clicked on and read. No need for the rage.

  5. questions:
    Why was the mashgiach or rov in the picture handling the chicken without gloves or hair/ beard nets?
    What do they do with the chicken after determining it was treif? was it shechted? If it was shechted does that treif the knife/equipment that was used? Do they let the bird go free?

  6. @sammydoesit, to answer your question most shochtim in most slaughterhouses don’t use gloves or beard masks when handeling livestock. It’s easier without gloves and trust me there’s plenty of other things on the animals more disgusting than a hair. Besides it gets washed thouroughly multiple times before it gets to you. To answer your other questions, if you read the original hebrew article you’ll see that it was found to have 3 legs after they shechted it, otherwise they wouldn’t have killed it, they would have given it back to the slaughterhose they were using. And in regards to the kashrus of the knife if he washed it off after thr shechita than it’s fine otherwise some say to take a kidei klipa from the beis hashechita. But they always have that either way so all’s good. (I’m a certified shochet btw)