VIDEO/PHOTOS: Jerusalem District Police Uncovers Major Weapons Operation



The Jerusalem District of the Israel Police revealed the activities of an agent operating for half a year. The agent, in his covert activity, led to the capture of dozens of explosive devices, machine guns, assault rifles, pistols, improvised weapons, cash ammunition and drugs, and resulted in the arrest of 22 arms dealers.

The Jerusalem District has for the past two years been leading a large number of overt and covert operational activities, including the operation of agents, searches and arrests intended to strengthen the security of the residents of Jerusalem in general and eastern Jerusalem in particular, to eradicate the use of illegal weapons and to prevent acts of terror.

The operation of the agent among terrorist operatives in the Jerusalem area and the surrounding area was the result of extensive activity that spread over a period of six months, culminating in the seizure of dozens of lethal weapons and explosive devices and the arrest of those suspected of trafficking.

In the course of the agent’s activity, who operated for six months among suspects who traded arms and explosives in Jerusalem, Yehuda and Shomron, the agent purchased 11 explosive devices, including FN-5 machine guns, M-16 rifles, Kalashnikovs, 14 pistols, and various types of bullets.

During the operation of the undercover agent, he managed operators under his command, leading to the collection of evidence against the suspects, among them a number of key targets of the Jerusalem District Police and the Shai (Shomron-Yehuda) District. Some of them are even identified as active in terrorist organizations, including security prisoners who previously served prison sentences. Among the suspects arrested was a Palestinian policeman.

At the end of the activity of the undercover agent, which lasted six months and was accompanied by the State Attorney’s Office, investigators, detectives, K-9 unit, Yassam commandos, special forces of the Border Police and the IDF, weapons were sold to the undercover agent who operated within them.

The operation of the police agent was based on the establishment of his position and his name among the suspects for their trust, which led to the implementation of dozens of different transactions in various locations in Jerusalem, Yehuda and Shomron.

Among the acquisitions made by the agent:

  • 11 IEDs, 3 of which have remote operation capability – NIS 15,000 per IED.
  • FN-type machine guns – worth NIS 53,000.
  • 5 M16 rifles worth NIS 50,000 – 75,000 per rifle.
  • A Kalashnikov rifle worth NIS 42,000.
  • 2 Carl Gustav improvised rifles worth NIS 6,000-9,000 per rifle.
  • 14 pistols of various types – worth NIS 16,000 – NIS 18,000 per gun.
  • Hundreds of different types of bullets.

After an analysis at the Israel Police Criminal Investigation Laboratory, it was found that some of the guns were stolen during apartment break-ins.

As part of the arrest of the suspects and searches carried out in their homes overnight, some NIS 100,000 in cash was seized in addition to ammunition and various types of drugs.

The suspects were interrogated in the Jerusalem District Police Central Unit and will be arraigned at which time police will ask to hold them without bail.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem/Photo/Video Credit: Police Spokesman Unit)