Chacham Ovadia Works to Enlist Avreichim; Says To Stop Learning To Campaign For Shas


Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita is calling on upon avreichim to begin going house to house towards persuading friends to vote Shas. Chacham Ovadia stated that if Shas gets enough seats, it will have an influence on the next coalition and this is critical for the Torah world. The rav stated the issue of those wishing to pull avreichim from yeshivos is at the heart of this election and this alone justifies one’s interrupting one’s limud Torah towards working to enlist additional support for Shas, stating the call of the hour is עת לעשות לה’ הפרו תורתך.

The rav warns that without a strong Shas Party in the next coalition, the planned cuts in spending by Likud will have a devastating impact on the Torah tzibur.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I am confused if learning Torah protects the nation as an alternative to going to the army surely it can also help the Shas party without the yngerleit having to stop learning? WHICH IS IT?

  2. As far as I know in all kollelim they are working for “shas” except fot choshem mishpot kollelim, don’t know what the fuss is and why this is a major headline

  3. The reason why the government wants to enlist chareidim is not because there aren’t enough soldiers. It’s because they believe in equality and don’t think having avreichim who sit and learn day and night is an important thing. If there weren’t enough soldiers then it would be part of our hishtadlus to enlist to protect our citizens.

    However, Chacham Ovadia is saying that there is not enough hishtadlus being done to give chareidim a position of power in the government, which could lead to more bitul torah. We can’t just have bitachon and rely on our zchusim when there is no hishtadlus being done. We need both.

    These two stances don’t conflict.

  4. “Hakol Mishamayim chutz meyiras shamayim”

    Everything is from Heaven, except for Yiras Shamayim. Therefore, when it comes to fighting physical enemies, we daven to Hashem to provide us with the salvation. When it comes to fighting enemies of the Torah, enemies of yiras shamayim, it is not enough to just sit around and pray to Hashem to save us. We must have real Hishtadlus in these matters.

    That is the main reason that during Chanuka we went to war against those fighting our spirituality, while during Purim we fasted and davened for salvation from those trying to kill us.

  5. MenasheK, do we pasken like Rav shimon in the gimara about the bridges (he cared about kavan), who cares why they are enlisting people, have you ever talked to a soldiers that told you there are enough soldiers, iv talked to many soldiers and every single one told me they did not have enough soldiers, the rule is they need to sleep 6 hours a night most don’t sleep more then 3 because there are not enough soldiers. There is a settlement today that does not have guards because 6 soldiers from america went back and that unit was forced to change the roles of it’s soldiers.