A Minimum Of $100,000 For Three Days With The Gerrer Rebbe

The Gerrer Rebbe

A few hundred philanthropists and community leaders will gather this coming weekend in Davos, Switzerland for a closed exclusive Shabbos with the Gerrer Rebbe . The price for their participation? Each will have paid at least $100,000, with some participants spending twice that amount. The event will take place in the exclusive Intercontinental Hotel from Thursday, 4 Iyar to Sunday, 7 Iyar.

The weekend is being hosted by Alish Englander of London, a major supporter of the Gerrer Chassidus.

The Rebbe left for Switzerland on Sunday, 30 Nissan, and will remain there until after the special Shabbos.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Is it worth $100,000 to be up front and close to the holiest man on earth? You bet it is. Of course 90% of these people will get to see the Rebbe Shlita about as much as they would at a regular shabbos in Ger absolutely free. But its the whole concept idea of being at a special shabbos.