Tel Aviv Justice Involved In Case 4000 Against PM Netanyahu Convicted Of Unethical Collusion


Four suspects detained in Case 4000 were released and Justice Ronit Posnanski-Katz was charged with collusion for exchanging text messages with a member of the prosecution team during the case, messages directly related to the case.

Judge Ronit Posnanski-Katz of the Tel Aviv Magistrate Court, was found guilty on Sunday, 30 Nissan by a disciplinary panel, for her inappropriate behavior in the case, one of the ongoing cases against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

In her exchange of text messages, Justice Posnanski-Katz was instructed to “look surprised” when the prosecutor requires the release of suspects Ohr Elovitch and Amikam Shorer to house arrest.

The disciplinary council was headed by retired High Court President Justice Asher Grunis. It was ruled the justice violated the Rules of Ethics for Judges. Posnanski-Katz has been suspended pending a ruling regarding her future.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)