Thursday News Briefs from Eretz Yisrael



Eight Green Peace activists were detained by police after they tried climbing the Cord’s Bridge in Jerusalem to hang signs protesting US drilling in the North Pole.


A large fire is burning out of control in Kibbutz Ohr HaNer are a result of a rocket landing in an open field earlier this morning.


Police are investigating a complaint received earlier that a 19-year-old IDF soldier was attacked in the Galil village of Tuba Zangria and his weapon was stolen.


Arabs in PA-occupied Beit Lechem burned US flags during the night.


In Ramallah, an anti-US protest is planned in Kikar Manara later this morning ahead of President Obama’s visit to that city.


Police prevent Free Pollard activists from hanging signs on Jerusalem’s Cords Bridge


Channel 2 Israel News reports that Arab media signaling that US President Barak Obama will renew $200 million annual aid package to PA during his visit to Ramallah.


300 people protested against US President Barak Obama near the Mukata headquarters in Ramallah as the US presidential entourage arrived for the official visit.


PA Ma’an News Agency reports Israeli forces requested from occupants of PA E1 outpost to leave voluntarily. They informed security officials they will do so the moment US President Barak Obama leaves Israel.


A handful of Neturei Karta held signs in a Meah Shearim mini protest calling on US President Barak Obama to “Save us from the Zionists”.


Hamas insists it did not fire rockets, accusing Israel of seeking to provoke a military escalation.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)