Parole Board Rejects A Request For Early Release From Rav Berland Despite His Illness


An Israel Prison Authority parole board has rejected a request for early release on behalf of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who is serving a sentence after admitting to unacceptable behavior and actions.

According to a Channel 2 News report, since the rabbi is hospitalized and undergoing therapy and not imprisoned, there is no reason for his early release. The board refused to convene to discuss additional requests on the matter.

The prosecution voiced its objections to the rav’s early release too.

The rav was sentenced to 18-month imprisonment following his conviction. He is scheduled for release in September 2017. Supporters hoped his ailing medical condition might be grounds for his release at this time.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why would they even consider letting this guy out of jail considering the vile crimes he admitted to. As long as he is receiving appropriate medical care, there is no logic to relaxing his sentence. The frum tzibur is showing a much greater resolve to move aggressively against those who commit these crimes against women and the criminal justice system needs to back up its words with actions in support of the brave women who spoke out.

  2. Who kidnapped the real Gadolhadorah & what have you done with him? Well said.

    I would add, in the light of all these abuse cases, many involving “frum” men, I’m glad to see that the tide is turning away from fear of the “super religious” perpetrators and their supporters & more towards supporting victims.