Arab MK Ghattas, The Cellphone Smuggler, Agrees To Resign From Knesset Ahead Of Indictment


There is sufficient support among Members of Knesset to oust MK Basel Ghattas, who will be facing criminal charges for smuggling cellular telephones and other items to imprisoned Arab terrorists.

While there are already 71 signatures to remove Ghattas and the Knesset House Committee convened to discuss the matter this week, 90 votes would be needed to oust him from the Israeli parliament.

Addressing the House Committee forum was Deputy Attorney General Raz Nezri, who explained to lawmakers they are in the process of a plea bargain agreement with Ghattas, which includes his resignation from Knesset. His confession would be accompanied by a prison term and a fine too, Nezri explained.

The draft indictment states that Ghattas carried four packages containing a dozen cell phones into prison, bringing them to terrorists. Nezri signaled Ghattas will have to make his final decision regarding the agreement this week.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)