Legal Battles Force Elderly Couple Out on The Street


Mr. & Mrs. Hirschman, an elderly couple in Israel, are currently homeless after being forced to sell their home. Their children have reportedly been part of a legal dispute, which has drained their parents of their savings. Another Hirschman child then became very ill, and Mr. & Mrs. Hirschman sold their home to pay the additional debts.
Mr. Hirschman’s health has steadily declined in his old age, and his wife, Chana, is now solely responsible for maintaining their finances. She has been unable to singlehandedly dig her family out of their debt, and they are now homeless.
The couple has expressed an intense desire to return home, and has even started a fundraising campaign in hopes of getting their house back. An elderly and worried woman appears in emotional video footage. Spectators have looked on in horror or pity: two elderly people, who gave their all to their children, now left with nothing and suffering in poverty.
Modest donations have trickled into the campaign to ‘Help Bubbe & Zeidy Go Home,’ but the sum is not nearly enough to help them. Donations are being accepted for a limited time.