Former Rabbi Pleads: “Help Us Eat This Shabbos”


In a tragic turn of events, former community leader Rabbi Avinoam Malkin faces imminent leg amputation. The need to remove the leg is reportedly due to his inability to cover the expenses of the surgery needed to save the appendage. His state of poverty was highlighted last week with the launch of his fundraising campaign on The Chesed Fund. Rabbi Malkin was reportedly disfigured in a car accident whose driver was uninsured, leaving him without compensation. Since the accident he has been wheel-chair bound, and suffered from chronic pain.

The Rav will be in pain this shabbos, as he has been for countless shabbosim. However this Friday he pleads with potential donors to help his family afford the cost of food, so there can be some simcha despite his condition. 

His campaign page includes a touching personal plea claiming that the incident has ‘torn his family apart.’ Rabbi Malkin also heavily implies that his mental state has spiralled downward alongside his health. In the video below, his son explains that the Rabbi’s disability requires that he be accompanies at all times. The Malkin son stresses the dire need to move forward with emergency surgeries, and begs viewers to donate. The footage also displays Rabbi Malkin’s home, which appears to have fallen into dangerous levels of disarray. A ceiling covered in mold & chipped paint looks nearly ready to collapse. Underneath, Rabbi Malkin sways back and forth in his wheelchair, eyes and fists clenched shut with pain & embarrassment, blessing those who choose to help him.

See video below.




  1. It’s very shameful that Israel supposedly has universal free healthcare but they Wirr take care of Kavod HaRav’s leg the right way.

  2. What r the real details of this story someone has a congregation and when he falls on hard times there is absolutely nobody to help before he reached this point am I missing something?

  3. Also why is he called former Rabbi. The title Rabbi is not lost because he has no Kehila or because he is mental health is not 100%. Very disrespectful to Kavod HaRav.