JCN Advertising Disrupts the Jewish Advertising Industry


(Communicated Content)

Imagine being able to advertise your business to thousands of Jewish people daily with just a click of a button. Imagine being able to set your own budget and schedule your ads freely without having to coordinate with 3rd party websites. Just imagine how much awareness can be raised about your brand within just a few minutes.

If that sounds too good to be true, think again!

Jewish Content Network (JCN) makes all of that a possibility with their industry changing technology. The JCN ad Network allows advertisers to display ads, set their budget, post Instagram ads, schedule, and have complete reporting such as how many people clicked on your ad and other crucial information to give advertisers the power of data.

The JCN Ad network displays ads on many powerful and influential website thereby allowing advertisers to get their ads up quick and get their message out en masse.

Here are just some of the publishers that we work with:






Matzav.com and many more….

Additionally the JCN’s dedicated staff makes it hassle-free to advertise to the Jewish world.

Contact the JCN today to discuss your upcoming marketing campaign by filling out the form below or click here for more information, or call 845.287.0404.