Rechnitz Challenge Update


They’re going for it! That’s right, as we speak there are scores of volunteers at Darchei Torah making phone calls, telling their friends and getting the word out.

As of 8:30pm EST they have already raised $430,000. Can we make it to $3 Million by tomorrow 10pm EST?

Click here to follow the progress and donate!


  1. For some context: At the Yeshiva Darchei Torah Dinner on Sunday night, Reb S.Y. Rechnitz pledged to give 1 million dollars if the yeshiva raised 3 million by 10 pm EST, the time of his daughter’s chuppah in Los Angeles (7 pm PST). The link in the article is to the Charidy page for the campaign.

    Since the start of the campaign, the necessary amount to gain the 1 million dollars has been dropped to 1 million- a matching amount. As of 1:00 pm EST on Wednesday, the yeshiva still needs approximately $300,000 to get to the 1 million dollar goal.

  2. Correction: the amount of the challange has not changed. The only change is that if they reached 1 mil by last night, the deadline to raise the other 2 mil would be extended.

    RECHNITZ IS writing A BIG one million dollar check to tzedoka. join or you are a IDIOT.

  3. Tzdekah is an obligation and a Mitzvah, however who you give your tzedakah to is your choice. While there are Priorities they are pretty vague. One could always say should I give to a Kollel or should I give to Masbia or Tomche Shabbos