Siyum HaShas – On the Long Island Railroad!!


mtasiyum.jpgOn Friday morning a tremendous Kiddush Hashem will take place on the MTA Long Island Railroad. The Chaburah of men who travel each day to work from Far Rockaway to Manhattan and learn Daf Yomi in the “last car” will be making a Siyum HaShas. They will be completing Mesecta Sukkah.

The Shiur began on December 26, 1991 with Mesechta Beitzah, and the first Siyum HaShas taking place on the LIRR on May 27, 1999. It was a Siyum to remember. With those famous pictures of R’ Abish Brodt singing, and the Oilam dancing on the train!

May they be Zoicha to be Mesayem Shas again, and other Seforim as well!!–YW Editor.