Levaya of R’ Avrohom Mordechai Schechter Z”L


candle3.gifThe Levaya of R’ Avrohom Mordechai Schecter Z”L is taking place right now (10:30 am) in Queens – at the Schwartz Brothers Chaples located on 76th Road & Queens Blvd. He was the brother of Horav Hagoen R’ Aron Schecter Shlita (Rosh Yeshivas Chaim Berlin) & the brother of R’ Mendel Schecter.


  1. Boruch Dayan Emes. I knew him very well. I worked for him yeasr ago. I’m sorry I could not make it to his levaya, but I guess I’ll bli neder try and be menachem avail his almanah and daughter. I don’t know his son.

  2. The Rosh Hayeshiva, shlita and R’ Mendel (2 brothers) and R’ Tzvi (a son) will be sitting until Thursday morning at 147-20 72nd drive, Flushing, NY Telephone # 718-261-6121 by DAY and from 9:00-10:30 the Rosh Hayeshiva and R’ Mendel will be sitting at the Rosh Hayeshiva’s house 1141 East 17th Street Brooklyn NY 718-253-3852