R’ Avrohom Nizik ZATZAL

(Thursday, November 30th, 2006 08:38 PM)

candle4.gifChief Rabbi A. D. Niznik passed away this evening from cancer, at the age of 84. Rabbi Niznik was appointed Chief Rabbi of Montreal, after the demise of the late Chief Rabbi Hirschprung, in 1997.

He served at the Jewish Community Council and the community of Montreal for over 50 years. As the senior judge and the head of the Montreal Rabbinical Court, Rabbi Niznik headed up a council of Rabbis, making major decisions pertaining to Jewish divorce, arbitration in the Rabbinical Court, and implementing rules regarding Kosher food certification for purveyors of Kosher foods, throughout the province, as well as any decisions regarding Jewish life within the community.

The only son of Rabbi Niznik, Dr. Hyman Niznik, passed away in the year 2000. Rabbi Niznik’s wife passed away 4 years ago, and he is survived by his second wife, Mrs. Leah Niznik, his daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren in Toronto.

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  1. emes says:

    he was a tremendous talmid chochom may he be amalitz yosher for the entire klal yisroel

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