R’ Shmuel Berenbaum visits Highland Park Kollel


IMG_5773.jpgMaran Hagoen R’ Shuel Berenbaum Shlita visited the Highland Park Kollel (Rav Abba Brudny Shlita – Rosh Kollel) yesterday and delivered a Shiur. (More photos in the YW Photo Album)


  1. Does that mean that HP has a new Kollel? I grew up there and went to Edison for High School. I also know that R’ Abba is leaving the Yeshiva and they are honoring him at their dinner. Are there any more details about this Kollel? The picture looks like it is in OE?

  2. this is one of the kollelim from the network of harabani hanagid hbaal tzedaka rav yossi stern ashrecha reb yossi you have a nice reward waitin for you in the world to come!!!

  3. overnite potato kugel – I just sent AJS the link, he tells me that you already dropped off the originals. You have got to get a life sweetie. Come on over Friday night, I’ll hook you up with some overnite potato kugel

  4. Who is this R’ Didi Levitan (Shlit”a as you wrote it) that you have in the picture talking in learnig with Maran and with Rav Brudny? I heard of a great Rov in Monsey named Rabbi Levitan. Any relation? Seems very Choshuv!